tmfilament produces all products with the best care we can give. To ensure a constant quality at a high level the production process is controlled intensively.




When the granules arrives at our factory, the first controles are being executed. The controls are being made on homogeneity, moisture, mechanical properties. Only when all controls are positive the material can go into production.



To achieve the right filament is some cases there has to be added additives. Also the additives are controlled the same precise way. The new blend is being tested for the right mechanical and technical values. Also there are comparisments to approved samples.


The most important fase, the production. During production diameter and roundness is constantly controlled by special lasers. During this fase also spooling is checked and color is compared with agreed samples 


Spoolen with the filament are, included with a silica bag, vacuumised in an airtight bag. The vacuum is manually checked and packed in a box. During packaging controls are being made on totally aspects of quality. Only when the filament equals the demands it will be shipped to the costumer. We use only distributors and logistics with the same high standard.


Tm filament besteed de hoogst mogelijke zorg aan de productie van filament. Wij zijn pas tevreden als  u uw beste prints maakt met ons filament. Dankzij onze zorg en controle mag ons filament het Fil Q label dragen en daar zijn we trots op!